Sacred Rebel Mastermind Program
Follow your heart and fill out the application, giving yourself 20-30 minutes to complete it. Even if you don’t join us in this journey, having the opportunity to clarify your dreams and future is a potent exercise. You are under no obligation to join the Mastermind by completing the application - as we’re simply exploring the potential of playing together.

The group program is limited to only 30 people max. Once you complete and submit your application, we will be in touch regarding the next steps. All information you share is private and confidential. Please be as open and honest about where you’re at in your journey as much as possible - and use this opportunity to really share your authentic self. Do no press enter while filling out the form as it will submit before you are finished.

Once you submit, you’ll receive a confirmation and invitation for a phone interview if this seems like a good fit. If you do not receive the confirmation, or have any questions regarding the program or application, please contact our Community Manager Devon at

In great love + devotion

Phoenix Muranetz
Speaker, Performer, Coach and Author on Sensuality | Leadership | Liberation
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Founder of Awakened Woman Convergence
Join Your Tribe + 500 Leaders in Arizona Oct 12-15, 2017 

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I understand that this is only an initial application to explore if I'm a good fit for the program, and understand that I'm not obligated to join. If accepted, I'm committed to giving 100% to the group and accepting sole responsibility for getting what I need from the program. I'm ready to step into my power and live the life of my dreams. *

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